Why Are Gun Belts So Expensive?

Any gun owner knows the importance of a good-quality gun belt to conceal carry their firearm. If the belt isn’t of the highest quality, it won’t hold the weight of a gun plus the extra magazine around your waistline.

The gun belt ensures both safety and comfort in everyday life with a conceal carry facility. But such comfort and safety come at a great price- the expense of the gun belts. But why are gun belts so expensive?

The expensiveness is due to the high-quality material used for the belts, premium stitching, and safety features for durable and comfy use.

Why Are Gun Belts So Expensive

What makes gun belts so expensive

Although many people use fashion belts to carry their guns, it isn’t recommended. A tactical or EDC gun belt will help you carry the firearm without any hassle. However, it would be best to consider the expensiveness of gun belts when you decide to get one.

1. Premium quality material:

Whether it is a conventional gun belt or a tactical one, these belts always use the highest quality materials. While you will find many fashion belts made of cheap bonded leather, gun belts are not the case.

The conventional gun belts are made of 100% full-grain leather. Also, the leather is heat and UV treated for extreme abuse. Also, full-grain leather refers to the top-layer leather on any cow, which is highly expensive due to its rarity.

It is a combination of 70% top layer and 30% bottom layer of cowhide. Thus, such premium leather contributes to its pricing.

On the contrary, even the tactical belts are made of the highest quality synthetic materials. These EDC tactical belts will use Cordura or ballistic nylon for construction. Both materials are of industrial grade to ensure quality service.

These belts use such high-quality material to ensure the durability of the gun belts while keeping the weight lighter. It is essential for EDC belts because you don’t want to feel burdened.

2. Premium craftsmanship:

Apart from the quality material, these gun belts also have premium artistry. When you compare the stitching of a gun belt with a regular dress belt, you will immediately know the difference. A gun belt is hand-stitched with attention to detail.

So, it needs more time to stitch each belt compared to the regular belts. Thus, the added time to produce one gun belt contributes to its pricing. Plus, its hand stitching means the production is limited, so the demand is high, further boosting the cost.

On top of it, a concealed carry gun belt often has two-ply constructions. So, it needs top-grade assembly to help both layers stay together. Stitching the two-ply leather belt is a time-consuming and painful task without any CNC machines. It needs to be done with human labor, and naturally, it boosts the cost.

3. Quality hardware:

Apart from the material and craftsmanship for the gun belts, the hardware used for them is also of premier quality. The hardware is often heat and UV treated for outdoor use. Plus, the concealing screws also need to be of top grade. Therefore, the overall price of gun belts rises almost exponentially.

How Much Does A Gun Belt Cost?

Gun belts pricing depends on its material mostly. If you plan to get a tactical gun belt, you may need to pay at least $40. The cost will increase depending on the material the belt uses. For instance, Cordura-made belts are pricier than polymer-constructed ones.

Is It Truly Costlier Than A Fashion Belt?

Of course, the full-grain leather gun belts are the most expensive one. So, compared to the high-quality fashion belts, a gun belt isn’t as expensive as most people perceive.

Final Words

You should now realize why gun belts are so expensive? It is a combination of premium-grade material, unique craftsmanship, and excellent hardware. However, these belts aren’t as expensive as initially thin as the trendy dress belts.

Nonetheless, you should never compromise with the gun belts’ quality, safety, and comfort, thinking about their cost. It should be durable, lightweight and at the same time match your style.

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