Most effective Office Wellness Ideas

If you are someone who needs to sit on your desk for countless hours, this article might help you save your day. The office works sometimes turn out to be very monotonous and boring. Usually sitting on chairs in front of your screen can cause several complications on your body muscles, such as back pain, shoulder ache etc.  This problem is very common nowadays among workplaces and along with this health coverage are also going skyrocket. You can easily get relieved from your boring long hour sitting works just with some simple changes. To help out people struggling from this problem I have listed out seven effective office or employee wellness ideas.

Let’s dig into the ideas straightly.

Healthy Commuting

Healthy commuting means going to work in a healthy way. How can you do that? It is simple. Just take a walk to your office. If the distance is too much for walking, then take a bike. Healthy commuting is one of the most effective health and wellness ideas in the workplace. Walking or biking reduces stress. This fact is known to all. Moreover, walking or biking is a great exercise to reduce body weight and fat. So, through encouraging a regular walk or bike to work, a workplace can practice wellness.

Stairs Challenge

This challenge can be found on the top tier of the list of wellness activities. This can be a monthly or weekly challenge. Employees those who want to participate can drop 20 dollars into a jar as the prize money. To keep track of the leaderboard, a list can be hanged on every floor. When employees cross a floor, they can put a checkmark beside their name on the list. The employee crossing the highest number of stairs becomes the winner of this challenge. This challenge is perfect for offices which are on the 10th to 12th floor. Any higher than that, the whole challenge might become a bit difficult.

Sports Events

Employees can be encouraged to join sports events. Weekly football matches or swimming events can be organized by the company. Employees can divide themselves into two or more teams and can participate in friendly matches. This will increase the bonding among the employees. Also, teamwork efficiency in office works may increase due to this. Employees can be even more encouraged at this through giving them sponsored jerseys. Sports events can be a great example of fun wellness activities at work.

In Office Healthy Habits

Some healthy habits if practiced in the office can really help in employee wellness. Habits like fast food avoidance and sufficient water drinking can increase the health of employees. Office goers generally prefer fast food because they think cooking takes time. But if a routine is maintained then cooking can be hassle-free. A challenge can be introduced where employees have to pack their own lunches from home. This can be further encouraged by giving employees organic store discount cards as a reward.

Employees can be challenged to drink at least six glasses of water in office time. This way they will be close to the daily requirement of 8 glasses of water. Many people ask what a great health and wellness prize could be. Well, for this water challenge, a reusable water bottle would be a nice gift. Sometimes it is hard to sit somewhere for a long time. Many employees complain about back pain due to continuous sitting. A solution to this back pain can be office chair cushion for back pain. Or one can try sitting in different places once in a while.

Steps Challenge

Nowadays it is pretty easy to track steps. If employees do not participate in a walk or bike to work challenge, then this challenge can be introduced as an alternative. It is said that 10,000 steps daily are equivalent to 5 miles of walking. This is very beneficial to one’s health. So, rewards can be given to those who maintain 10,000 steps daily for a week or a month. Prizes here can of three categories. One for weekly steps completion, one for monthly steps completion and one for highest steps completion.

Hobbies are Great

Wellness must be maintained both physically and mentally. Most of the employees go through a high level of stress every week. So, a great way to reduce employee stress level is through encouraging them towards a hobby. Ask around the employees who love to do what. A monthly meet up can be arranged where all the employees can showcase their experience from the hobby.

Smoking Kills

Even the cigarette packets have this line ‘Smoking Kills’ on them. This proves how dangerous smoking is. This is an addictive activity and thus is hard to stop. But for the wellness of the employees, quitting to smoke must be encouraged. This is a step by step process. First, identify those who smoke. Then ask them to reduce smoking. Add them to discussion groups. Next in start rewarding those who have quit smoking. Reward those who have successfully completed 1 month, 3 months and 6 months of no smoking. Rewards will be gradually increased over time. For this quitting process, the employees must be provided with all the necessary materials. Also, bringing in other family members of the family into this challenge can also be helpful in this quitting process. If the spouse of an employee smokes, then he or she can also be brought to the challenge.

Time for Some Wellness

The above-mentioned ideas can become some of the best workplace wellness programs. One must choose the best one based on one’s capability and budget. These ideas can be implemented in both small offices and big corporations. So, go and implement these effective office wellness ideas and improve your work efficiency. Good luck.

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