How To Use A Ratchet Belt?

Ratchet belts are a fashion trend, from office goers to casual walkers in the park. Thanks to the modern design, ease of use, and longevity of ratchet leather belts, they have made them the 1st choice of all people from every profession.

But when you get your first ratchet belt, you might find it difficult to use and wear it accurately.

Don’t worry…

You have hit the jackpot; since today, we will discuss how to use a ratchet belt accurately to enhance your style and look. Fortunately, user tips for the ratchet belts are easy, and you can easily perform its micro-adjustments.


Tips On Using A Ratchet Belt Properly

A ratchet belt uses a hidden track on your belt instead of threaded holes for the strap’s micro-adjustments. This is a great benefit of ratchet straps compared to traditional belts. You can adjust the length precisely in 40-42 spots, whereas conventional belts allow you to adjust it only 5-7 times.

Also, traditional belts have 1-hole with 1-inch more distance compared to ratchet belts adjustment’s ability of doing so every 0.25-inch.

So, you get better comfort and style with these belts compared to the regular belts. But to avail yourself of all these excellent benefits of ratchet belts, you have to know the proper techniques to use them. Also, it is important to find the perfect length for the strap. So, we will also discuss how to size your leather ratchet belts like a pro.

Wear the belt:

When you receive the belt, don’t overthink about it. Simply wear it through the loops of your pants just like you will do with any regular belt. Then insert the ratchet strap through the belt’s buckle. As you tighten the strap, you should hear a soothing clicking sound with each adjustment of the belt’s length.

You need to continue inserting the strap through its buckle until you find a snug and comfy fit. It is important for comfortable wearing of the belt. If it is too tight or too loose, your pants may feel like they are falling off, and also, it would look odd.

Releasing the belt:

Releasing the belt strap from the buckle is relatively easy. Ratchet belts come with two different releasing styles-

Lever style:

When you look closely at the belt’s buckle, you should find a lever underneath it. It uses a spring-loaded locking mechanism to lock and release the belt. Pull the lever with a bit of force. Make sure you are pulling away from your body and not towards your body to avoid any inconvenience.

The lever should release the strap easily. However, at times it might get stuck occasionally. You should push the belt’s buckle further at those moments. Doing so will reduce the lever’s tension. After that, push the lever button. The strap should come off the buckle with ease.

Traditional style:

Traditional buckles for ratchet belts are also pretty easy to use. It uses a magnet to secure the strap easily. When you want to release the belt strap, lift the strap right on the buckle’s face. The belt will be released swiftly without any problems.

You see, wearing and releasing a ratchet belt is easier than you imagined. Whether it is a formal occasion or a special occasion, you can pair your outfit with a good-quality leather ratchet belt to light up your look attractively.

But for this, the belt must have a tailored fit to your waistline. Luckily, you can size your ratchet belts with ease in 2 easy steps. A standard ratchet belt is designed to fit from 40 to 42 pant sizes. You can, however, cut its length for a custom fit to increase its comfort.

  1. Fix the length of the strap you want. Use a soft measuring tape to determine your waistline for a better fit. Once you are sure about the strap’s length, cut it accordingly with a pair of scissors. You should cut the additional part from the buckle end and not from the other side as it ruins the belt’s outlook. While cutting the belt, be cautious not to cut too much length. Cut small parts at a time for a tailored length.
  2. Once you have found the desired belt’s length, insert the end you cut through the buckle. Finally, close its clasp, and your ratchet belt is ready to wear.

Final Words

Leather ratchet belts with their hole-free design and innovative buckle design have become the fashion statement these days. You can follow these tips on how to use a ratchet belt properly when you get one of these belts.

You can also interchange its buckles to match your style and personality. Several good-quality ratchet belt buckles truly enhance your look with a perfect setting for the belt and your jeans or formal pants.


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