How To Choose a Belt For Your Everyday Function

Guys never look smart and perfect without a belt on their waist. Lots of men and women do not pay attention to their belt. However, the right belts cause an effect on their overall outfit. A belt works as one of the accessories for a transition between your top and bottom halves. Only one belt in your wardrobe may not fit every outfit. Focus on your lifestyle to invest in the best belts for your everyday purpose. We have provided you with some belt-buying tips and guidelines to let you avoid any guesswork while purchasing belts.

Cheap Belts May Not Last Long

It is a waste of money to buy low-priced belts, as they do not last long. Worn-out belts may make others think that you do not bother your look. You have found belts, advertised as leather-made products. However, not all of them are made of real leather. Some of these belts are much brittle, and their colors are not flattering.

To test the quality and material, you can use your fingernail. While your nails cause a faint line on the belt surface, it indicates soft leather. However, hard, old leather can resist your fingernails. You may also check out whether there is tight, small stitching without loose ends. Real leather belts do not have stitches.

Choosing The Color of Your Belts

You can find belts of varied styles. Some of them may have small buckles with a narrow design. They are not right for a casual outfit. Lots of other belts are bold and large with some stamped images. While choosing clothes, style, and color of belts must be your focus. Solid black colored belts may fit everyone’s lifestyle. However, some men like to change their belts, based on occasions. When you desire a conservative look, brown and black belts are the most common choices. Other bolder colors also show off your personality and character.

Most of the men prefer no difference in the color of their belts and shoes. Conversely, women love a contrasting look while buying their belts, shoes, and other accessories.

Leather belts have to go with other leather accessories, like shoes. That is a rule, followed in the fashion world. When you have chosen highly polished shoes, you can put on glossy belts. Similarly, matte belts look perfect with matte shoes. Some women use cloth shoes, and for them, belts of multiple colors are the right choices.

Other available options for you are belts with animal patterns and snakeskin designs. These eye-catching belts may be slightly costly.

Find The Right Buckles of Your Belts

It is better to choose a tongue buckle, as it enables you to slip a metal piece through a small hole. However, braided buckles have no belt holes, and you may move the tongue in the braided leather. Another rule for styling is to find a metal buckle color that matches your watch color. Let us have a look at strap and buckle designs.


  • Colorful and cheap vinyl- Best for aesthetic purpose
  • Webbing- This material does not go with any suit
  • Canvas- It is usable with simple buckles for better functionality
  • Leather- Best formal choice for belt users


  • Plates- Informal and decorative, found on biker belts
  • Frame styles- Rectangular shaped buckles, present in the formal belts
  • Box frame- Hollow box through which the belt passes
  • D-Ring- The rings enable you in fastening the belt and buckle
  • Snap buckles- Include two ends snapping together, as a seat belt.

Buying a belt of perfect size

Size is an essential factor to wear belt confidently. Use a measuring tape to get your waist size. Wrap your tape around the waist in a way that it has to pass through your belly button. Some women wear low-waist jeans, and they have to take the measurement rightly. Choose a belt size that is longer than your waist by two inches.

Your belt width may vary, depending on what belt type you have chosen. For instance, the width of casual belts can range between 1.25 and 1.5 inches, while for a dress belt, it is 1.25 inches.

Now, we can conclude that a belt is something more than an accessory to hold up your pants. Whether you are going to your office or an evening party, your belt creates a bold statement. Therefore, rely on our guide to buy the best belts for your use.

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