10 Best Scrub Pants of 2021

Scrub pants are one of the most demanding attire in the medical professions. They not only provide you with the facility to carry out various equipment with ease, but the best scrub pants also provide you with a professional look.

Scrub pants are functional and excessively comfortable to wear while carrying out your daily jobs. If you have been searching for the right kind of pants for yourself, then you have landed on the right page.

In this article, we are going to present the top scrub pants that can really serve your desired purpose along with being excessively comfortable and budget-friendly.

In this article, we will also be mentioning the factors that are of prime consideration while you choose to buy a new pair of scrub pants. So sit comfortably and proceed with this article which will guide you to end up with some of the best pairs of scrub pants for yourself.

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Top 10 Best Scrub Pants Reviews in The Market

In this article, we have reviewed the top 10 Scrub Pants with a buying guide. Continue reading to know more. Hope it will help you to choose the best one for you.

1. Dickies GenFlex Cargo Scrubs Pant

Dickies Women's GenFlex Cargo Scrubs Pant, Khaki,...

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The Dickies women’s GenFlex cargo scrubs pant is made up of 52% cotton, 45% polyester, and 3% spandex. This scrub pant provides you with a contemporary for. It is a straight leg pant with a low rise.

This scrub pant comes up with nine pockets along with an elastic waist having a webbed drawstring and wide belt loops. The front patch pockets of this scrub pant have additional exterior pockets. Not only this, but this pant also has two back pockets and two cargo pockets.

The left front patch pocket of this scrub pant has an elastic bungee loop and it’s right exterior pocket comes up with a functional tab snap. An exterior triple pen holder is also featured in the right cargo pocket of this scrub pant.

This scrub pant can surely provide you with a great amount of functionality and utility. The Dickies women’s GenFlex cargo scrubs pant is a work-ready cargo pant having a low-rise fit. It has a straight leg and an elastic waist. These scrub pants come with a multi-needle contrast topstitch.

  • This scrub pant comes up with nine utility pockets.
  • The fabric of these pants is extremely comfortable and breathable.
  • It has a wider drawstring that never gets tangled or stuck.
  • Some people may find the bottoms of these pants excessively wide.

2. WonderWink Women’s Stretch Scrub Pant

WonderWink womens Four-Stretch Sporty Cargo Pant,...

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The WonderWink women’s four stretch cargo scrub pants are made from 100% polyester. They come up with a drawstring closure.

If you are looking out for a pair of scrub pants that you can wear during your working times, these pants are the best choice for you.

These pants are work-ready cargo pants that have a proper bootcut leg and an elastic waist featuring a color-pop drawstring.

To aid in providing you with a greater amount of utility and functionality, these pants come up with multiple storage pockets as well.

Its polyester four stretch fabric is built using a mechanical stretch yarn process. It is designed specifically to enhance the performance and durability of these scrub pants.

To provide you with a great degree of softness and comfort, these pants have a unique washed-effect texture.

  • These scrub pants are a great quality work-ready cargo pants.
  • Its fabric retains its color vibrancy even after washing.
  • To facilitate ease of movement, these pants feature side vents at the hem.
  • These scrub pants are made up from wrinkle-free fabric.
  • The bottoms of these pants are not up to the mark.

3. Amazon Essentials Women’s Standard Pant

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These scrub pants are made from 64% polyester, 34% cotton, and 2% elastane. A little amount of stretch in these pants will provide you with a greater degree of comfort and flexibility when you wear them in your working hours.

These pants come up with a 31-inch seam. Amazon Essentials is a company that focuses primarily on the needs and requirements of its customers.

These scrub pants are made exactly catering to such needs and requirements. To provide the customers with a great level of comfort, better quality, and perfect fit, these pants are made by fine-tuning with every detail.

These pants feature an elastic as well as a drawstring around the waist. The presence of elastane in its fabric allows these scrub pants to get stretched easily and hold shapes accordingly.

  • These pants provide a great degree of comfort and proper fitting wearing them.
  • These pants have deeper pockets.
  • The fabric of these pants makes them more elastic and stretchable.
  • These pants are a bit baggier in the tummy area.

4. CHEROKEE Men’s Original Scrub Pant

Cherokee Men's Originals Cargo Scrubs Pant, Wine, Small

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The CHEROKEE men’s original cargo scrub pants come up with a pull on closure. It has a functional zip fly along with cargo pockets, slash pockets, and pant back pocket.

It is a men’s natural rise elastic waist pant having a reinforced drawstring. Made up of wrinkle-free fabric, these scrub pants provide you with a great level of comfort.

These pants are also durable and reliable. You can carry these pants anywhere. They are extremely comfortable and provide you with a great outer appearance too.

These scrub pants fit perfectly on you going all up to your waist. These pants are roomy too. Be it a sports event or a family get together, these pants are surely going to provide you with immense comfort along with catering to your fashion requirements.

  • They fit comfortably in accordance to your particular body size.
  • Its multiple pockets facilitate functionality and utility of these pants.
  • The front slash pockets of these pants are roomy enough.
  • They are a bit baggy in the groin area.
  • There is an absence of belt loops in these pants.


5. Med Couture Activate One Pocket Pant

Med Couture Activate Women's Yoga One Pocket Cargo...

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These scrub pants are made from 95% polyester and 5% of spandex. These pants provide you with an absolutely superior fit. They come up with a roomy straight leg that aids in giving you great comfort while putting them on.

Their stretchy knit waistband keeps your movements fluid. This scrub pant had a single cargo zipper pocket as well as a single patch back pocket. These pockets help in keeping your possessions and equipment in close proximity to you.

These scrub pants are made using innovative fabric technology. This kind of technology provides these pants with a modern fit and a great stretchability.

If you are looking out for a stylish and sporty pair of scrub pants, these are the perfect choice for you. On one hand, they provide you with a stylish look and on the other hand, these pants are excessively comfortable to wear. These pants also feature an easy-care washing.

  • They are both functional and comfortable.
  • These pants are resistant to stains.
  • They have a great degree of stretchability and are lighter in weight.
  • When these pants get wet, they stick to you.

6. Koi Women’s Lindsey Cargo Scrub Pant

KOI Classics 701 Women's Lindsey Scrub Pant Charcoal M

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These pants are made up using 55% cotton and 45% polyester. These cargo scrub pants are low-rise cargo pants that are characterized with a drawstring waistband and multiple pockets.

One of the pockets of these pants is designed for keeping scissors too. This scrub pant has a. D-Ring at the left leg. It also features adjustable toggles at ankles.

Putting on these pants can surely provide you a figure-flattering fitting along with a stylish and professional look.

These scrub pants are available catering to modern fashion requirements in various colors as well. It helps in enhancing your impression and appearance.

  • These pants are available in various colors.
  • Its fitting, style and fabric provide you with a professional look.
  • These pants exhibit greater functionality.
  • The bungee on the bottom of these pants may scrape the floor if you wear flat footwear.

7. Urbane Essentials Drawstring Scrub Pant

Landau Urbane Essentials 9502 Relaxed Drawstring Pant...

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Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, the Urbane essentials women’s relaxed drawstring scrub pants provide a classic fit. It features straight leg design without a side seam.

It comes up with a full drawstring waist. This scrub pant has a rounded saddle that is specifically designed to fit perfectly on curves and it also stays relaxed through your legs providing you with a great degree of comfort.

Its straight leg style without side seam provides you with a smoother silhouette. These pants come up with a fashionable cut and are extremely comfortable to wear.

They are reliable and excessively durable. If you are in any profession that is related to the medical field, these scrub pants can be the perfect choice for you.

  • Its rounded saddle design allows this scrub pant to fit perfectly on your curves.
  • They are extremely comfortable to put on.
  • They retain their color even after washing.
  • These pants do not require any ironing.
  • They come up with a drawstring waist and do not have an elastic waist.
  • Improper sizing issues have been seen in some cases.

8. Carhartt Ripstop Men’s Scrub Pant

Carhartt Ripstop Men's Multi-Cargo Scrub Pant,...

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These scrub pants are made from 55% cotton and 45% polyester. They are characterized by a machine wash feature and come up with eight cargo pockets.

The Carhartt ripstop men’s multi-cargo scrub pants provide a great degree of comfort and durability with reinforced threads.

They are interwoven into the cloth which aids in building unique fabric strengthening properties. They exude comfort as they are lightly sanded on their inside.

This aids in providing these pants with a greater amount of softness. These pants are convenient with different styles. They have a large number of roomy pockets as well.

If you are a medical professional who has to put in long working hours, these scrub pants will provide you with a great level of durability and comfort. These pants are extremely professional looking along with being immensely comfortable.

  • This scrub pant has roomy pockets.
  • They exhibit a great degree of durability.
  • They look professional and are extremely comfortable to put on during long working hours.
  • The stitching of these scrub pants are not upto the mark.

9. Landau Men’s Comfort 7-Pocket Elastic Scrub Pant

Landau Men's Comfort 7-Pocket Elastic Waist Drawstring...

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Made up with the use of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, these scrub pants feature an elastic closure. If you are looking out for a scrub pant with an ample amount of pockets, this is the scrub pant to go for.

You can easily carry your coins, phone, instruments, and some sort of your working gear in the pockets of your pants. This will keep them in your proximity during your working hours.

These scrub pants feature one back pocket having a button closure, two double patch pockets in the mid-thigh area, and two pockets on the side. The right side pocket also has an inside coin divider.

To facilitate ease and comfort in your movements during your working hours, these scrub pants feature a non-roll 1 ½” elastic waistband that has a zipper front and an inside braided drawcord.

  • These pants have an ample amount of pockets.
  • To ensure maximum security, these pants have a full elastic waistband and an internal drawstring.
  • These pants are budget-friendly.
  • They are highly durable.
  • These scrub pants are extremely tight in the groin and upper legs area.

10. Amazon Essentials Men’s Stretch Scrub Pant

Amazon Essentials Men's Quick-Dry Stretch Scrub Pant,...

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These scrub pants are made using 64% polyester, 34% cotton and 2% elastane. A little bit of stretch provides a great level of comfort and flexibility.

It is made from the best quality material and ensures a great fit. These pants are budget-friendly.

They fit perfectly around your waist and provide you with a great level of comfort and durability during your working hours.

The fabric of these scrub pants is strong and does not get faded with regular wash. The fabric of these pants needs little or no ironing at all.

  • Regular wash does not fade away the color of these pants.
  • These scrub pants have a strong and durable fabric.
  • They are extremely comfortable to wear during your working hours providing you ease of movement.
  • They are budget-friendly.
  • Nothing as such.

How to Choose The Best Scrub Pant? (Buying Guide)

Scrub pants, in general, are preferred by medical professionals including, nurses, doctors, CNAs, and sometimes even by medical students. Some of the most prominent factors that are considered by medical professionals while choosing scrub pants are undoubtedly its utility, style, and comfortability.

Purchasing the scrub pants that suit your requirements and desirability allows you to feel comfortable while wearing them so that you can focus on your job. Let’s have a look at some of the prime considerations that you must keep in mind while getting the best scrub pants for yourself.

Quality of the scrub pant

Quality is surely a very relevant factor that you must consider while getting yourself a new pair of scrub pants. The quality is primarily dependent on the brand, the process of its stitching, and features including  stain, fabric, resistance to tear, fading and wrinkles.

In case, you work in an ambience that requires you to change and replace your scrubs frequently, you must choose to go with inexpensive and affordable scrub pants.

They also need to be resistant to any kind of fade or stain. The quality of the pants that you should choose to go for is determined by your work environment to a large extent. Going with the right quality enhances the usability value of your scrub pants.


Like any other wearable item, comfortability plays a prominent role in determining which kind of scrub pants you should go for.

If you are not comfortable wearing a particular kind of scrub pant, it will automatically tend to hamper your work performance.

Now, the comfortability factor is dependent on various factors. Let’s throw some light on them.

Blend of fabric

What exactly you want from your scrub pants is dependent on the fabric blend of pants to a great extent. Cotton-based pants can be an ideal choice for you.

It is softer in feel, lighter in weight, and provides you with great comfort. If your job requires you to have a professional appearance, you should go with a polyester made scrub pant.

It also provides you a faster wash and wears an alternative. Materials such as rayon and spandex are primarily used to enhance the durability, reliability, and stretchability of certain scrub pants.

Now which kind of fabric blend you choose to go for is dependent on your individual preferences. At the same time, it is also determined by your working environment.


A proper waistline and closure keeps your scrub pants properly attached to your waistline. Selecting a waistline that fits your waist circumference provides you with an ideal scrub pant that fits you accordingly.


Elastic, button closure and drawstring are some of the prime kinds of closures in scrub pants. These days you can even find closures that are a combination of two types. For example they will be having both button closure as well as drawstring closure.

Fitting of scrub pants

The fitting of scrub pants is largely dependent on the length, shape, and size of individual body types. To cater to the various kinds of body types, scrub pants are available in sizes that include loose, athletic, junior, tall, slim, plus size, and many others. Having a look at the sizing guide will aid you in determining which kind of pants will fit you accordingly.

Styling of scrub pants

The visual design or the style of scrub pants also have an impact on the fitting that it will have on your body. Classic, casual, modern, jogger, athletic, and professional are some of the common styles of pants.

Classic scrubs on one hand make the use of a basic and normal fit with a regular color scheme.

On the other hand designer scrubs make the use of designs, embroidery, unique detailing in their stitching and present a fashionable look to you. Jogger/athletic styles of scrub pants provide you with greater stretchability, elasticity, and durability.

Functionality and utility

Without proper utility and functionality, a scrub pant is of no use. Things like badge loops, cargo compartment size and pocket space determine the functionality and utility of a scrub pant.

You should always choose a scrub pant that is more functional to carry a lot of gear and makes them accessible to you.

If you wish to carry a lot of equipment, you should go with a scrub pant that has sufficient storage space.

A scrub pant having a badge loop or a utility clip or both aids you in keeping some miscellaneous items accessible to you.

Number of pockets

Most of the scrubs that are presented by the top brands tend to have either few or many pockets.

If your job requires you to carry various equipment that is challenging to carry within your hands at a time, you should choose to go with a scrub that has a larger number of pockets.

Otherwise, you can choose to go with a scrub with lesser pockets too.

Price of the scrub pant

Scrub pants are different on the basis of their fabric, treatment, designs and their specific process of manufacturing. Based on these differentiations, the price of scrub pants also tends to vary.

If you tend to work in a casual workplace going with a scrub pant that is higher in costs and lasts longer could be a good choice for you.

They offer a professional look on one hand and on the other hand are resistant to any kind of staining and fading.

If your work environment is characterized by work profiles that may involve the buildup of bacteria and chemicals on your clothing, you can go with inexpensive scrubs. These will serve to be a cost-effective option for you.


We are pretty sure that the challenges that you might be facing while deciding about which scrub pants you should go for have been cleared by now.

The list of the best scrub pants that we have mentioned in the products’ review section of this article would have surely guided you about what kind of pants you should go for.

If you have any other queries regarding scrub pants, surely let us know about them. We will provide suitable answers to you as soon as possible.

Do mention your valuable feedback in the comments section. Such feedback provides us with a great level of motivation to bring before you some really informative content. Thanks for reading.

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