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One of the most common problems most folks face while carrying their gun is its constant movement. Also, if not concealed, the gun remains visible to outsiders, and you may not want this to happen.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, investing in a quality ratchet belt for guns can solve your problem quickly and comfily. The best ratchet belt for concealed carry stops the gun’s movement and slags and enhances your comfort. Plus, these EDC ratchet belts are made out of premium leather and offer a durable and fashionable service you can’t ignore.

Thus, it removes the boredom of the traditional belts and helps you carry guns or other firearms safely, comfortably, and snugly.

Best Ratchet Gun Belts for Concealed Carry

1.  Best Overall:   Kore Tactical Gun Belt

2. Best Value:  JUKMO Nylon Web Tactical Gun Belt

3. Best Workable:  Nexbelt Tactical EDC Nylon Belt

4. Best Battle Belt: Nexbelt Ratchet Gun Belt for Men

5. Best For Duty: Mission Belt Men’s Nylon Ratchet Belt

6. Best Later Belt: Blade-Tech Ratcheting Slide Gun Belt

7. Best For Dress Up: Leather EDC Gun Belt for Concealed Carry – Nextbelt




7 Best Ratchet Belt For Concealed Carry Reviews

The holeless design of the ratchet belts gives it a modern look for everyday carry (EDC). Also, these belts are made specifically for carrying firearms and permit you to carry a loaded gun along with a few magazines with ease. That’s something a conventional belt will fail to do.

So, without much ado, let’s jump into our review of the top 7 EDC ratchet belts for concealed carry.

1. KORE X2 Tactical Gun Belt

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Did anyone tell you that for tactical belts, you have to choose between functionality and style? Not for this Kore X2 ratchet belt, at least. It perfectly blends practical functions with a trendy look thanks to its premium construction and stylish finish.

The belt features adjustment from a 24” to a 54” waistline with a custom fit. The buckle is well-made and securely holds the belt without any problems. Also, its metal gun finish truly looks amazing.

And for the belt strap, its high-quality material used for construction ensures you get durable service. On top of it, the belt has been tactically designed to carry guns in concealed conditions. It doesn’t feel as stiff as other conceal carry belts may feel. So, you will enjoy comfort throughout the day, even with a loaded gun around your waist. The flexibility and softness of the gun ensure your comfort and safety in most situations.

The strap can hold up to 8lbs of gear. So, you can indeed carry a gun along with a few rounds of magazines if you wish. Thanks to its reinforced power center, the belt doesn’t stretch and provides a snug and close fit all day, making it the best ratchet gun belt on our list.

Long story short, the X2 tactical belt is made for daily use with a gun-carrying capacity that provides added comfort and security. You will love its functionable as well as fashionable look that suits every occasion to lift your style.


  • Secure buckle with a beautiful metallic finish
  • 40+ sizing points for a quick and custom fit
  • A sturdy belt stops rolling over so you can carry heavy gear
  • A stylish EDC belt which can be worn on all occasions


  • Initially feels a bit stiff; needs a bit of time to break in and soften


2. JUKMO Ratchet Belt for Men

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Another non-leather best EDC ratchet belt that competes with the leather belts is the Jukmo, thanks to its reinforced nylon webbing, all-black finish, and user-friendly design. The first time you hold the belt, you will realize its difference from other belts of its class.

This EDC belt is made for everyone, whether you’re a business person, office goer, or casual hiker. The beautiful nylon webbing is reinforced for a snug fit. Also, the belt won’t fray, as is the case with many normal belts. So, you will be less likely to get frustrated due to facing any worn-out edges.

The belt comes with excellent adjustability as well. Depending on your waist measurement, you can choose from X-Small to XX-Large for between a29” to 54” waistline. Plus, the easy-going buckle is ready to offer you a custom and snug fit that ensures your comfort above everything.

The buckle features automatic sliding. So, you can slide in and buckle up the belt with ease. It is a rare benefit that other belts may not provide. Plus, the nylon webbing of the belt is reinforced, as we previously said, thus ensuring excellent load-bearing capacity. So, you can conceal carry your loaded guns without a second thought.

Last but not least, the softness of the strap and easiness in using the buckle truly makes it one of the top choices for all. You will appreciate its flexibility too for carrying different items securely.


  • Easy lock and release with auto-slide in the buckle
  • Excellent black finish fits every person and event
  • Softer feel doesn’t cause fatigue and pain on the waist
  • Top-quality finish prevents fraying and damages


  • The belt is a bit wider than most people’s comfort


3. Nexbelt Supreme Ratchet Gun Belt for Men

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Nexbelt is famous for making stylish, durable, and functional conceal carry belts. They presented the nylon webbed ratchet belt for gun owners and regular users. No doubt, this ratchet belt ensures a comfy fit with an excellent 0.25-inch customization facility.

The best part of the belt is its smaller and narrower buckle. You can adjust the buckle at the center, on the left hip, and may even hide it near your back’s curve. So, both the strap and buckle promise to bring maximum customization settings for you. You have to ensure you get the right-sized belt. Thanks to its nylon webbing, you can cut it and get your desired size at ease too.

The nylon used in the strap is of premium quality that is made from high-density microfiber. It won’t fray around the edge. Plus, stitching on both sides of the strap enables it to hold a good load without stretching. It feels soft, and so, you shouldn’t face any stiffness around your waist.

Another key benefit of this best tactical ratchet belt is its sweat-resistant backing. The back of the strap has nylon backing. It prevents sweat from the edge from coming inside. It is a great feature to have for tropical regions and those who work in humid conditions.

Thus, the overall usability and applications of this belt are truly amazing. This ratchet belt is made to meet your everyday requirements to be a wardrobe staple for all men, from concealing your gun to everyday use.


  • Narrower buckle and strap enhances your comfort and safety
  • Multiple adjustment points for the buckle for different requirements
  • The high-density polymer nylon construction offers durable uses
  • Sweat-free nylon backing provides comfort in humid conditions


  • Weight load capacity isn’t very impressive


4. Nexbelt Titan Ratchet Gun Belt for Men

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The Titan ratchet belt is another Nexbelt item on our list that will captivate your heart and enhance your conceal gun-carrying comfort. Instead of a fixed buckle, this belt has a zipper track to allow you to adjust the belt within a 0.25-inch precision.

Plus, the attention to detail given to construct the belt is amazing. For instance, it includes a stainless steel fastener. It is durable and easier to use than regular pins. On top of it, the clasp features a magnetic trigger. Plus, it has an extended life. You will also get a complete conceal capability with a stronghold to your firearm.

The nylon strap is of superior quality. Nextbelt used high-density composite microfiber to manufacture the strap. Also, it is sturdy and stiff but not uncomfortable. In fact, users said it has a perfect combination of stiffness and flexibility that ensures the highest degree of comfort for all users.

The strap won’t rollover, and also, its sweat-backing stops sweat from entering your waist. So, you will enjoy it during the summertime. The belt is available from 24″ to 50″ inches, and you can trim it with scissors with ease. Its 1-1/2″ width is also standard and doesn’t feel encumbering.

Finally, this belt seriously deserves a place in our best ratchet-style gun belt list with its quick lock and release feature. Thankfully, the belt is durable, super-comfy to use, highly customizable, and fashionable, ensuring awesomeness at its highest.


  • Narrower buckle supports position adjustments with ease
  • Functional belt with a stylish finish for EDC of guns and other items
  • Added backing to prevent sweat from entering from the edges
  • Composite nylon webbing prevents fraying and ensures durability


  • The length is a bit shorter; not for people with over a 50” waist
  • One-color availability only


5. Mission Belt Men’s Nylon Ratchet Belt

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The Mission ratchet belt with multiple color availability and custom size going up to 56” is the best ratchet belt for concealed carry. The belt is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear and goes along with hiking and other adventures.

The solid webbing construction makes sure it doesn’t stretch or get damaged quickly. Also, it is strong enough to hold up to 8lbs weight. So, it lets you carry a loaded magazine and gun with ease. You can safely conceal it with the added screws.

Next in the line is its removable buckle. It comes in handy for airport checks as many airport security lines don’t allow metal buckles. Also, it allows you to customize the strap for every 0.25-inch length for a comfy and tailored fit. On top of this, its length starts from 28-inches and goes way up to 56″, which is incredible as most belts only offer you up to 54″.

And before we wrap up this Mission belt review, let us tell you one more thing. When you buy the belt, you will contribute to fighting the world’s hunger since Mission Belt is committed to donating 1-dollar for each belt sold to the Global Hunger Movement. Isn’t it incredible to be a part of something good happening without additional spending?


  • Made for everyday use as well as hiking adventures alike
  • Quickly adjustable and removable buckle for airport security lines
  • Available in multiple attractive colors and finishes that look trendy
  • The metallic buckle is sturdy and can be concealed and interchanged


  • It feels a bit stiff around the waistline


6. Blade-Tech Ultimate Carry Belt

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If you are a fan of genuine leather belts, it’s time to rejoice. The Blade-Tech leather ratchet belt offers you the freedom of carrying your firearm everywhere. From ranges to offices, the excellent leather finish and metal buckle offer a trendy look that feels amazing.

Also, this amazing belt offers sizes from 25-inches to 54-inches. So, it has more sizing options on our list than some of the other ratchet guns that conceal gun belts. The interior has a polymer core to hold any firearm in its position without any movement. Plus, the strap is soft enough not to cause any aches or pains.

The ratchet-style is another outstanding feature of this best CCW ratchet belt. It allows you to customize the belt every 0.25-inches. So, its micro-adjustments will ensure an excellent fit. On top of this, the buckle features an easy lock and release so you can put it on and take it off easily. The easy release lever is sturdy and designed to withstand heavier weights for carrying a loaded gun.

However, you need to get the screws separately for a concealed setup of your gun. But this isn’t an issue given the striking look, durability, and practical benefits this hole-less belt offers you.


  • Choose from leather or HDPE fabric construction
  • Micro adjustments possible in 0.25-inch increments
  • The flexible and water-repellant strap provides comfort and durability
  • Available in four colors and two styles to suit every user


  • The package doesn’t include screws for concealing a gun


7. Nexbelt Rogue Walnut Ratchet Belt for Men

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The Rogue Walnut belt from Nexbelt has a standard 3-inch wide buckle, with the strap having a 1-1/2-inch width. Thus, this belt doesn’t feel too wide on your waist. On top of this, its full-grain leather construction ensures you get a perfect combo of durability and style.

Also, the premium leather with its attractive color is the best match for your office outfit, dinner dates, and even parties. The stylish belt and stainless steel fastening design surely uplift your fashion and personality so much people will surely feel jealous.

The belt supports adjustments in 0.25-inch increments. So, you will get a plethora of customization and size adjustability for the belt to match your waistline. Also, the belt supports up to a 50-inch waist. So, even a bulky person should find the right fit for this superior ratchet conceal belt.

Its back has sweat resistance. So, it comes in handy when the sun is scorching and in humid tropical conditions. It is an added convenience most conceal gun belts ignore. So, you will feel a bit relaxed with it, knowing that sweat won’t penetrate its edge to ruin your pants.


  • Stylish leather belt with stainless steel fastener for adjustments
  • Sweat-resistance ensures a dry and comfy wearing experience
  • Nice stitching on either side of the strap stops fraying and stretching


  • Fewer options for size customizations


How To Pick The Best Ratchet Belt For Concealed Carry

When you decide to get a ratchet belt to conceal any item, the belt should fulfill some criteria. Else, your belt won’t be durable and meet your everyday requirements.

Belt quality:

The conceal belts must be of the highest quality to withstand everyday abuses. The quality is dependent on its material and stitching. You can avail yourself of either nylon webbing or leather belts. Irrespective of the material type, you can focus on the fact it offers premium quality.

Also, the good stitching of the belt sides will stop fraying and stretching of the strap. Sadly, many belt makers skip this feature due to it being time-consuming. So, be aware of this.

Sturdiness and durability:

The sturdiness and rigidity of the conceal gun-carrying belt is a unique feature that differentiates these belts from ordinary ones. You need to realize that a gun or other kind of firearm is a weight element. Plus, magazines are also quite weighty.

The belt strap must be rugged enough to carry the gun and magazine weight without sagging. Also, it should stay put on your waist without any movement. If a belt is not strong and sturdy enough to hold the holster in the right position, you will have to adjust the holster now and then in public. This can be very unpleasant.

Also, a sturdy and stiff belt will ensure maximum longevity with satisfactory performance.


A concealed belt is primarily designed to carry firearms and can be weighty, so the belt must feel comfortable. If the strap is too stiff, you will face pain around your waist. Also, the belt should provide micro-adjustments with the buckle and clasp.

The lock and release of the buckle and strap should be easy and quick. If it feels too tight, you will not enjoy it. Also, look at the number of size adjustments you will get.


Most people perceive that conceal ratchet belts are expensive. But that’s not true. We have selected these seven best tactical ratchet belts in the list that are obtainable for the cost of regular dress belts. So, there’s no reason to even worry about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who makes the best ratchet gun belt?

Many belts manufacturers also make high-quality ratchet belts for concealed gun carry. Kore and Nexbelt are two of the most renowned and dependable ratchet gun belt makers. Both have an outstanding range of quality belts you can count on for everyday carry.

What is the best width belt for concealed carry?

The best width for concealed carry belts is 1.5 inches. If the belt is wider than this measurement, it will hurt you. On the contrary, a narrower belt won’t hold the gun holster properly.

Do you need a special belt for concealed carry?

Although theoretically, you can use an ordinary belt for concealed carry, it is not very practical. It would help if you chose belts made for carrying a gun specifically. Otherwise, it won’t be able to carry the load of the gun and its magazines.

What does CCW stand for in guns?

CCW refers to Concealed Weapon Permit. It is a permission that allows citizens in California (as well as some other states) to carry their firearms in public. If you don’t have CCW in California (or in some other states), you might be fined or sanctioned for carrying guns publicly.


Here we end our review on the best ratchet belt for concealed carry. Whether you want a leather or nylon webbed belt for concealed carry, the list has it. Thus, hurry to get your favorite choice before it runs out of stock.

You will immediately feel the difference a special gun ratchet belt brings to your everyday life with its comfort and customization. Also, it will ensure your gun is safe and save you from annoying moments of adjusting the gun now and then. Isn’t this exciting?

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