Best Police Duty Belts in 2021

Police Duty BeltSo if you have landed on this page, we are pretty sure that you are looking out for the best police duty belts. We all are well aware that your occupation requires not just an ordinary belt that gets the job done.

With an upgrade that has been seen in the occupation of law enforcement, military personnel, and security guards, these days, the people involved in these occupations need to carry a wide variety of tactical equipment.

Some of this equipment and gear are also pretty heavy and need a belt that can take up that load. With this content, we are going to present before you a list of the best nylon police duty belt that can serve your needs and requirements in an appropriate manner.

The products presented by us are manufactured by the top-class companies and are budget-friendly too. With those belts carrying out the gear that your occupation requires including pistols, magazines, flashlights, handcuffs, batons and even your phone becomes much easier. Along with that, in this article, we have also presented before you the guidelines that you must surely consider before you buy a brand new police duty belt.

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6 Best Police Duty Belts Reviews

Here we have reviewed the top 6 best duty belts for police. Continue reading the article to know more. Hope it will be helpful for you to choose any one as per your need.

  1. Lixada Modular Nylon Police Utility Belt

Lixada Modular Duty Belt Police Security Law...

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This police belt is 15 cm high and 17 cm wide. It comes up with a waist circumference of 80-105 cm. The Lixada tactical belt modular heavy-duty belt presents a complete tactical set for your usage.

It has got a map pouch, flashlight pouch, utility pouch as well as pistol holsters. This belt facilitates quick operation with a unique buckle design and a quick attachment having complete locking and full adjustability.

It has got multi-use features. This belt is characterized by a versatile modular design for law enforcement, security, military personnel as well as sports enthusiasts.

It has got a quick release buckle and an extra adjustable duty holster with an extra mag pouch. The Lixada tactical belt modular heavy-duty belt is durable and strong in nature having reinforced stitches and threads.

  • This belt is durable and sturdy in nature.
  • This belt fits appropriately as per your waist measurement.
  • It has got an appropriate number of pouches to be used for holding various equipment.
  • It provides great comfort while wearing.
  • After regular use of this belt, this belt in some cases may wear out.
  1. Tactical Men’s Sierra Bravo Police Duty Belt

5.11 Tactical Men's 1.63-inch Sierra Bravo Plus Work...

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This police belt is made up using 100% nylon. It has got a heavy-duty construction and it has been designed appropriately to suit the demanding situations in an apt manner.

Its ultra-strong 1680D nylon material makes this belt a sturdy, durable and comfortable work belt. With Duraflex hardware, this police belt comes with a dual belt configuration. This belt can surely serve you while performing operational activities and minimizing discomfort.

This belt is resistant to abrasion and water and provides SlickStick compatibility. It offers comfort on one hand and a clean and professional look on the other.

The inner and outer belt stick out with Velcro. You can put this belt while you are into training/drills as it is capable of taking up a lot of beating. Nevertheless, this belt still looks absolutely great.

  • This belt is durable and reliable in nature.
  • It provides a great level of functionality.
  • It is water and abrasion-resistant.
  • It can easily support a wide range of different loadouts.
  • The buckle of this belt can get unclipped at times.
  1. YaeKoo Black Law Police Utility Belts

YaeKoo Black Law Enforcement Modular Equipment System...

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The YaeKoo black law enforcement belt can surely be one of your best choices if you are into the occupation of police, military, security, or any other kind of tactical law enforcement.

This police belt is 2″ in its width and it has got a size adjustable range of 35-46 inches. The most unique feature of this belt is its modular versatile style that can be effectively utilized by people who are in the police, security, or any kind of tactical law enforcement duty.

This belt falls in the category of surely the most innovative tactical modular duty belts. It also features a quick-release buckle that exhibits great security too. This belt can easily hold magazines, markers, pens, and also a magnifying glass. This belt is highly adjustable and can easily fit accordingly depending on your size. This is a thin belt and therefore it does not make you feel uncomfortable by carrying out your work wearing this belt.

  • This belt is budget-friendly.
  • It can hold a variety of objects.
  • It has got an adjustable size.
  • You can customize this belt as per your choice.
  • It is a thin belt and doesn’t put unnecessary strain on your waist.
  • The threading of this belt is not up to the mark.
  1. AIRSSON Quick Release Buckle Police Belts

AIRSSON Heavy Duty Belt Tactical Combat Police Utility...

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This belt is 1.37″ in width and constructed with breathable nylon, which provides a comfortable and appropriate fitting on your waist. This belt is adjustable and can provide you a fitting range of 24″-43″.

This is a durable and sturdy police belt that you can use to carry a knife, phone, wallet, flashlight, etc. It keeps your tools in a neat and stable manner. This belt can easily fit into a wide variety of civilian/military style pant belt loops.

You can put this belt either directly on your waist or through your pants loop (your pant loop width should be greater than 2″).

  • This belt is lighter in weight and eliminates unnecessary strain on your waist.
  • The velcro present on the inner side of this belt provides an adjustable length to this belt.
  • Its quick-release buckle ensures convenience in its usage.
  • Made up of nylon, this belt is resistant to any kind of tearing and is immensely durable.
  • The keepers of this belt are not big enough to facilitate fitting around this belt.
  1. Uncle Mike’s Mirage Plain Ultra Duty Belts

Uncle Mike's Law Enforcement Mirage Plain Ultra Duty...

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The Uncle Mike’s Mirage Plain Ultra Duty Belt is characterized by having a heavy-duty precision stitching which gives it a unique and professional appearance. It has got a PRO-3 triple retention buckle.

The lining present in the Hook and Loop of this belt mates with the Ultra and Loop-back inner duty belts. In order to provide you with a great deal of comfort wearing it, this belt comes up with a tough, double-layer 2″ nylon that is edge-padded.

This belt also comes up with an interior polymer stiffener that aids in providing support and reducing bulk. Uncle Mike’s Mirage Plain Ultra Duty Belt is reliable and sturdy enough to easily carry your professional gear.

Its flexibility also makes sure that you get great comfort and ease wearing it all day long. The finishing of its web edges is done using smooth nylon. This further helps in preventing any kind of digging and snagging.

  • This belt has got a strong and firm buckle.
  • It is lighter in weight and fits appropriately on your body.
  • It is sturdy and durable on one hand and provides you with a professional and attractive look.
  • This belt is characterized by having a great adjustability.
  • This belt needs some improvement in its quality.
  1. HNANBANG Black law Enforcement Tactical System Belt

HUNANBANG Black Law Enforcement Tactical Equipment...

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This belt is 2″ wide and is appropriately fit for a waist that is in the range of 30-50″. The HUNANBANG black law enforcement tactical equipment system belt facilitates ease while setting up. Its quick adjustment and release with Velcro that you gain full adjustability wearing this belt.

It is made up of high quality durable thick 600D nylon. The 10 pouches of different sizes present in this belt allow you to choose those pouches accordingly based on your occupation, occasion, and personal preferences.

It’s popping out buckle facilitates ease and convenience in its usage. This belt also exhibits a modular versatile design for police, security, and activities involving tactical law enforcement.

  • This belt is extremely budget-friendly.
  • It exhibits a high degree of durability and sturdiness.
  • This belt exhibits full adjustability.
  • It’s popping out buckle facilitates convenience in its usage.
  • Its velcro front clip can fall off at times.

What factors to look out for in a police duty belt?

When you intend to buy a police duty belt there are certain factors that you need to consider beforehand. As a policeman, you must be well aware that a regular belt will not suffice your purpose. There are several things that you need to carry around in your occupation. Let’s have a look at those factors that can serve as a pre-determinant influencing your buying decisions.

Material used

You should always choose to go with a police duty belt that is made up of sturdy and thick materials. This feature makes them incapable to loop through your pants and take up hammering that is a necessary part of your work. You must always go with a belt that has a solid and robust construction.


The buckle of your police duty belt is another significant factor determining the kind of police duty belt that you should go for. The buckle of your belt must be able to carry and support the weight of the things that you carry.

You must never go with an excessively bulkier belt as it can be challenging for you to adjust it accordingly. A plastic belt in some cases can also be a better option as you don’t require to take it out while going through metal detectors at security checkpoints.

Width of your belt

You must always go with a belt that is firm and wide. It aids in evenly distributing the weight of the various equipment and gear that you intend to fix to it. You must never go with a belt that is less than 1.5 inches in its width. It won’t be an efficient option for you in carrying your gear.

The rigidity of your belt

The rigidity of your police duty belt is determined by its stiffness. You must always choose a belt that is both rigid and comfortable at the same time. A higher degree of rigidity without much comfortability will make the belt uncomfortable to put on.

A good amount of rigidity ensures that drawing out certain gear (like a gun or a flashlight) becomes easier. A loose belt on the other hand makes the matters worse as it is less effective in even holding and carrying your gears.


Probably, a very relevant factor influencing your decision to go with a certain police duty belt is its comfortability. When it comes to the comfortability of your police duty belt, there is no match to a leather-made belt. You can also go with a nylon-made belt but you need to make sure that it fits your size correctly.

Keeping these factors into consideration will make sure that you always strike the best deal when you choose to buy a police duty belt. Also, your budget tends to play a key role in influencing your buying decisions. You must choose to go with a belt that fits your budget but you should never be investing in a poor quality, cheaper police duty belt.

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An occupation like that of police personnel is always demanding. It requires you to carry a lot of gear for the sake of your work. To carry out your gear in a proper and effective manner becomes so much easier with the best police duty belt. With this article, you must have gained sufficient information about the kind of police duty belt that you should go for.

If you still have any other queries regarding the police duty belts you can let us know in the comments section. We will surely provide you with answers that will prove to be worthy solutions to your queries. Also, please don’t forget to mention your honest feedback on this article. They are highly valued by us. Thanks for reading.

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