10 Best Pants for Skateboarding of 2021

We are pretty sure that you are a skateboarder who is looking out for a great pair of pants for skateboarding. Let us assure you that you are in the right place as this article is going to provide you with ample amounts of information that will aid you in getting the best pants for skateboarding.

Best Pants for Skateboarding

When it comes to a sport like skateboarding it is undoubtedly one of the most loved sports. In general, what do you need for a sport like skateboarding? The majority of people will say that a skateboard is enough. But that is certainly not the case.

Apart from a skateboard and some decent level of agility, you need proper pants that are made specifically to be worn during skateboarding. You need to put on clothes that are lighter in weight and the pants that we are going to present before you in our product reviews section will surely serve the purpose.

If you are an intermediate skateboarder, you must be familiar with the fact that falling is an unavoidable part of this sport. And when you fall, it definitely has an impact on your clothing apart from your body.

Therefore, in such cases going out with a great pair of skateboarding pants can do the job for you. The best skateboarding pants need to be durable enough to resist any kind of abrasion.

At the same time, they also need to be lighter in weight, stretchable, and comfortable. Let’s proceed with this article to let you know more about the best skateboarding pants.

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Top 10 Best pants for skateboarding Reviews in 2020

The skateboarding pants presented by us in this section will not only serve you well but are also budget-friendly. They have been manufactured by the top-class brands that specialize in making skateboarding pants. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Match men’s wild Cargo Pant

Match Men's Wild Cargo Pants(Dark Gray,30)

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The Match men’s wild cargo pants are made up of 100% cotton. These are imported skateboarding pants and feature a zip fly and a button closure. These pants are characterized by their straight fit.

They fit straight through the seat and thigh area and also have a straight leg opening.  They are one of the most ideal pairs of pants that can be worn during skateboarding, recreation, or any other outdoor activity.

These pants provide you with a casual and stylish look. The presence of belt loops in these pants allows you to put on a belt with these skateboarding pants for appropriate fitting and comfort.

These cargo pants are available in a variety of solid colors as well as attractive and tiny checks and dot prints. They also feature waist drawstring and leg opening drawstring.

To enhance the functionality of these cargo pants, there are 8 pockets in them. They include 2 front slant pockets, 2 thighs buttoned flap pocket, 2 rear buttoned flap pocket, and 2 legs buttoned flap pocket.

  • These cargo pants are made from thick materials enhancing their durability.
  • They have deeper pockets.
  • These pants are budget-friendly.
  • They come in great colors.
  • The waist to the crotch area of these cargo pants are too deep, so when you pull these pants up, a little portion of the crotch area of these pants keeps on hanging.
  1. Volcom Men’s Frickin Modern Sports Pant

Volcom Men's Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant,...

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These chino pants are made up of 59% of cotton, 39% of polyester  2% of elastane. These imported chino pants come up with zipper closure. They are 20 centimeters in width and are an ideal pair of pants that you can use for skateboarding.

These pants provide you with a modern and relaxing fit. The most unique thing about the Volcom men’s frickin modern fit stretch chino pants is that they exhibit versatility.

Whether you are participating in an outdoor activity or going to attend your office meeting, you can put on these chino pants and they will provide you with the ideal look that you are looking for.

While enjoying outdoor activities specifically skateboarding you would always like to go with pants that have a certain amount of stretchability in them.

These chino pants are made using comfortable cotton and a blend of polyester that has a little stretch. This stretchability ensures that you get a complete range of motion while carrying out outdoor and sportive activities.

On the inside leg of these chino pants, custom stone embroidery is featured. These pants also have a woven label of Volcom and logo buttons.

  • These pants provide you with an ideal fit.
  • They are greater in quality.
  • These pants are excessively durable and reliable.
  • The materials used in these pants might feel a bit itchy to some people.
  1. Levi’s Men Slim Jeans for Skateboarding

Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jean, New Khaki 3D - Stretch,...

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The Levi’s men’s 511 slim jeans are imported pants having 99% cotton and 1% elastane as their components. These pants feature a zipper closure. They sit perfectly below your waist area and slim through the seat and your thigh area.

These pants come up with a slim leg design. It is recommended that you get these pants washed using liquid detergent. Although these pants are slim fit in nature, they provide you with sufficient space to carry out your movements comfortably.

These pants provide a slim fit from your hip to ankle area. The presence of +Levi’s flex feature in these pants aids in providing you with a great level of comfort and maximum flex that further eases out your physical movements while performing outdoor activities.

These jeans can surely provide you with an ideal substitute for skinny jeans.

  • These jeans are a bit heavier.
  1. Amazon Essentials Men Skateboarding Pant

Volcom Men's Frickin Modern Fit Stretch Chino Pant,...

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The Amazon essentials men’s straight-fit jogger pants are imported pants that are made from 97% cotton and 3% spandex. These jogger pants are machine washable in nature.

Apart from this, these jogger pants feature elasticized cuffs along with a straight fit. These features in turn make these jogger pants immensely comfortable to wear on one hand, and stylish and modern on the other.

These jogger pants are made using high-quality fabric that further provides these pants with excessive durability. The consistent sizing of these pants makes them available to you at your desired size.

So now you don’t have to worry more about the careful selection of your pants. Even with their regular wash, these pants do not tend to shrink.

Whether you go out to do your regular office job or go to a nearby park to play baseball with your friends, you can put on these pants and you will get the needed comfortability that you expect from these pants.

These jogger pants serve to provide you with both formal as well as a casual look. The belt loops present in these pants also allow you to put on your belt which can even add more glam to your look.

  • These pants exhibit a great level of versatility as you can wear these as both casual as well as formal pants.
  • The material used in the manufacturing of these pants exhibits a great level of durability.
  • These pants do not shrink with regular washing.
  • These pants are a bit baggier in the calf area.
  1. UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Skateboarding Pant

Unionbay Men's Survivor Iv Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant - Reg...

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These imported relaxed fit cargo pants are made from 100% cotton and are machine washable. They come up with a button fly closure. They are 1″ high and 6″ wide.

These pants feature a zip fly with button closure. They have side-placed cargo pockets and a belted waist as well. The belted waist of these pants provides you with a great fit on one hand and a stylish look on the other hand.

These pants have 18 inches of leg opening and they sit perfectly below your waist. They are cut in soft cotton twill and it features the perfect length. Overall these pants provide you with great relaxation and ease to facilitate comfortability in your movements.

These cargo pants give you a worn and live-in look. The bellowed cargo pockets present in these pants allow you to use them for various uses.

  • These pants are excessively durable and reliable.
  • These pants have a sufficient number of deeper pockets.
  • The fabric of these pants is very soft and comfortable to put on.
  • The zipper of these pants is a bit tough and it feels difficult to pull it up with ease.
  1. ChloeNoel Figure Skating Spiral Pants

Chloe Noel Figure Skating Spiral Pants P06 Turquoise...

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The ChloeNoel figure skating spiral pants P06 are manufactured in the United States of America. These are spiral pants that are made using smooth-faced poly-spandex fabric that constitutes 87% polyester and 13% spandex.

These pants are available in a variety of sizes and this style is also present with correspondingly matching Swarovski crystals. They provide you a great look and a perfect fit.

These pants provide you with the comfort and ease of professional skaters. The stretchability of these pants makes them the most comfortable for you. Along with being super stretchy, these pants are also durable enough to not get worn out easily.

With the matching jacket, these pants further intensify your skating looks. These pants are long enough to get your boots covered and keep your laces out. These pants hold up really well and facilitate ease while you do skating.

  • These pants are super stretchy and durable.
  • These are excellent quality pants.
  • Their appropriate length keeps your boots covered.
  • These pants get fuzzy after regular usage.
  1. Women’s Tactical Sutton Sports Pant

Women's Tactical Pants, Casual Cargo Work Pants...

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These imported pants feature a drawstring closure. Made up of 100% cotton, these pants are sweat absorbent and resistant to any kind of staining or wearing. They are machine washable in nature.

With a sufficient number of pockets present in these pants, you can use them as per your requirements. The presence of ample amounts of pockets in these pants keeps your hands free.

The left front zipper pocket of these pants that you see is primarily for decorative purposes. Belts are not included with these pants but with the presence of belt loops you can easily put on your belt with these pants which will provide you with a great fit.

These pants perfectly sit on your waist and have a loose fit. To fit perfectly with your boots and provide you with an ultra-modern style, these pants have straight leg openings with a drawstring.

You can use these pants as a pair of hiking pants too. You can simply put on them and then carry out your outdoor activities with a great deal of comfort and ease.

These pants have roomy pockets that include 2 front slant pockets, 2 leg buttoned flap pockets, 2 rear buttoned flap pockets, 2 thigh buttoned flap pockets and 1 slant decoration zipper pocket.

These pants also feature sturdy buttons and zippers. The fabric used in the manufacturing of these pants are resistant to any kind of wrinkling that may occur after regular wash.

  • These pants are resistant to wearing and stains.
  • The presence of various pockets in these pants enhance the functionality of these pants.
  • You can use these pants either as everyday wear or for carrying out outdoor activities including hiking, climbing, camping, jogging, skateboarding, backpacking, traveling and many others with ease.
  • These pants have an ideal fitting and fit perfectly. They are neither too tight nor too baggy.
  • The zipper and buttons of these pants are a bit weak.
  1. Adidas Originals Men’s Skateboarding Pants

adidas Originals Men's Skateboarding Workshop Pants,...

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When it comes to the brand of Adidas, only the name is enough. Adidas has always been a top-quality and renowned brand when it comes to sports-related accessories.

Talking specifically about the Adidas originals men’s skateboarding workshop pants, they exhibit functionality, utility as well as style.

These skateboarding pants are lighter in weight and are characterized by a great level of durability owing to their stretchable nylon fabric.

Whether you are skateboarding or out on the streets just for a casual morning walk, these pants provide you with a great deal of mobility and ease.

The side canopy pockets and back pockets present in these pants further adds up to the functionality of these pants. They sit perfectly on your waist area and give you a great feel all day long.

  • These pants fit perfectly.
  • They are budget-friendly.
  • They are a comfortable and durable pair of pants.
  • Nothing as such.
  1. Match Men’s Chino Skateboarding Jogger

Match Men's Loose Fit Chino Washed Jogger Pant (42,...

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The Match men’s chino jogger pants are made from 100% cotton and feature a lightweight fabric that has no stretchability. These pants are characterized with a regular fit.

They have slightly tapered legs areas that come up with elasticized cuffs. These pants fit perfectly on your waist and come up with a drawstring closure.

These pants provide you a comfortable elastic waist that also has a drawstring. This ensures that you always get a perfect fit for these pants. There are no zippers in these pants.

They also feature 2 front slant pockets and 1 back patch pocket for enhanced functionality of these pants. They are pre-washed in nature and do not shrink after being put to regular wash.

These pants provide you with a great level of comfort and ease while you perform outdoor activities including skateboarding, hiking, climbing, camping, traveling, backpacking etc.

  • These pants are made up using lightweight fabric.
  • They sit perfectly at your waist with their drawstring closure and elastic waist.
  • These pants are immensely comfortable to be worn during outdoor activities.
  • These pants are not stretchable.

By now we are pretty sure that you must have got an idea about which skateboarding pants you should go for. However, there are some specific factors that you need to consider beforehand before you proceed to make the purchase. Our next section will deal with that.

How to choose the best pants for skateboarding?

There are certain factors that you need to consider well in advance while choosing to buy the best skateboarding pants. These factors will make sure that you always strike the best deal and get the best out of your buying decisions. Let’s have a look at them.


For a sport like skateboarding, along with your body, your pants also need to be stretchable enough to take up the requirements of your sport.

You must always go with pants that are stretchable enough. Stretchability on one hand provides you with great ease in getting a full range of motion and on the other hand, does not let your pairs of pants to get torn off with some stretches. Stretchability also aids in upping the durability of your skateboarding pants.

Number of pockets

It is quite obvious that while you are skateboarding around your city, you might be carrying some extra stuff that may include a bunch of keys, coins, a cell phone, pens etc. For carrying such stuff, you should go with pants that have an ideal number of pockets. Pockets enhance the utility and functionality of your skateboard pants.

You must also make sure that those pockets are spacious and deep as while skateboarding, the essentials that you are carrying might fall off. You can also choose to go with pants that have buttoned flaps in their pocket. Buttoned pockets with flaps prevent your stuff from falling down.

Type of fabric

The type of fabric that is being used on the skateboarding pants elevates the quality of the pants. You can choose to go with skateboarding pants that are made using fabric that is resistant to stains and repellant to water and sunlight. A better fabric ensures that you do not have to change your skateboarding pants frequently.


Last but definitely not the least, budget is a prominent factor that determines your buying decision of skateboarding pants. You must go with pants that fit your budget but at the same time, you must make sure that you do not choose to go with cheaper and poor quality pants. A good research regarding your budget and the kind of skateboarding pants you should go for will aid you in making the right decision.


And that’s it!!! By now we can expect that you must have made a decision about the skateboarding pants that you intend to buy. If not, let us know about the queries that you are still having.

We will provide you with answers that will guide you in the most appropriate manner. You can also let us know about your honest opinions and feedback on this article.

We highly appreciate and value them. It provides us with the much-needed fuel that energizes our desire to keep reviewing various products and accessories that you intend to buy. Thanks for reading and happy skateboarding!!!

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